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My name is Kait (she/they), and I am the artist behind Kait Rose Studio. My journey into pottery began in 2014 after graduating from Temple University. While working in mental health, it was essential to maintain my mental health and well-being. This led me on a path to rediscover my artistic and creative side. The more I created and connected with people at art festivals, the more I felt in alignment. Pottery became deeply healing and life-altering. Centering clay on the wheel, painting, and carving designs instantly becomes meditative pulling my attention to the present moment. I draw inspiration from nature and mystical elements. I hope my pieces radiate the calming energy I put into them while serving as a gentle reminder to take a mindful moment to connect with the magic in nature.

With Love,

More about the artist:

Kait is an artist hailing from the city of Allentown, PA. Kait discovered pottery as a child when she was awarded a scholarship to the Baum School of Art while in elementary school. This experience provided her with a foundation in working with clay and other mediums, which became a vital and therapeutic outlet throughout her youth. After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia with a degree in Criminal Justice and Anthropology, Kait began sculpting polymer clay jewelry to fill the time while she was job searching. She continued to create art to decompress and cope with demands of working in mental health.

Kait eventually saved enough money to pursue her true calling and realized passion for pottery. She now resides in the beautiful Pocono Mountains and draws spiritual connections and inspiration from Mother Earth. Although primarily self-taught in pottery techniques, Kait continues to learn and grow through books and online resources. She looks forward to attending formal workshops in the future.

As Kait Rose Studio continues to thrive, Kait remains committed to giving back to her community.

Handcrafted in the Pocono Mts.

Creating an Eco-Centered Future With You

I create with a commitment to Mother Earth. It starts with sourcing of sustainable & ethical materials whenever possible, reducing waste, improving sustainable practices in my daily operations such as recycling/reclaiming clay scraps, creating in small batches, to the eco-friendly packing that arrives at your door step. I believe in radical transparency, therefore, you can read more about my sourcing and material suppliers on the Sustainably Handmade page to see what sets Kait Rose Studio apart. 

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