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Amanita Muscaria and Fern Mug

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Amanita & Fern Mug

This adorable mug is handbuilt, and adorned with Amanita Muscaria (Fly Argaric) mushrooms and ferns. I handbuilt this mug using a speckle stoneware clay. Typically, I throw mugs on the wheel but I wanted a more organic feel to the mug to match with the rest of the Mushroom Lovers Gift set. I create the design on the mug using a technique called sgraffito where layers of paint are applied to the clay and tools are used to scratch away, revealing the clay body underneath. Amanita mushrooms and fern surrounds the entire body of the vessel. This stoneware mug holds approximately 8-9  fluid ounces and is durable for the microwave, oven,  and dishwasher (hand wash preferred). 


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