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Incense Gift Set


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Incense Gift Set

Introducing our new gift set including: one box of Ancient Elements incense of your choice (select from the drop down), one Aphorodite’s Cleanse Bundle, and our popular fern incense holder that supports both stick incense and smoke bundles. A $60 value for only $50. 

Fern Incense Holder: I designed this incense holder with functionality in mind. Use this holder for either stick or smoke bundles. As shown in the pictures above, you can use the raised ridges to support bundles or palo santo. Intricate ferns are carved into a layer of white underglaze, an ancient technique called Sgraffito, to expose the natural speckle clay body below. I personally love the neutral colors for a timeless piece that compliments a variety of decor styles. 

Aphrodite’s Cleanse Bundle: Named after the goddess Aphrodite, this cleanse bundle’s base is composed of her beloved herb rosemary. I hand-wrap the bundle in rose petals and lavender stems and finally bind it in cotton twine. The rose and lavender floral scent pair beautifully with the savory sweetness of the rosemary, creating a relaxing and romantic scented burn. These herbs are associated with the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and passion. Use this bundle to  evoke love, prosperity, and peace. 

Ancient Elements Incense:  These incense sticks fall inline with my brands values of providing quality, ethically sourced, fair-trade products. I have personally used these incense for years and always preferred their supperior burn and scent. I grew sick and tired of the cheap incense that produced a harsh smoke that irritated the back of my throat …but I just could not give up burning incense. Then I found Ancient Elements and fell in love with their scents and quality. Once lit, it seems virtually smokeless and leaves a beautiful scent without the harsh irritating smoke. The Amber incense is my personal favorite and is the scent I burn most frequent while creating in my studio. If luxury incense is a thing, this is it!

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Incense Scent

Rose, Amber, Dragons Blood, Fire of Passion, Jasmine


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