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Jasmine Incense


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Jasmine Incense Sticks

Ancient Elements Jasmine Incense, floral and sweet, is traditionally associated with spiritual love.

Sun’s Eye Ancient Elements Incense is created using the masala tradition, which originates from ancient India and uses natural, plant-based ingredients to create an incense stick that is truly of this earth. The process begins with grinding plant ingredients into a powder. Oils are then mixed into the plant ingredients, resulting in a dough that is rolled onto a bamboo stick. The final step is a light coating of aromatic wood powder.

Why I chose Ancient Elements:
these incense sticks fall inline with my brands values of providing quality, ethically sourced, fair-trade products. I have personally used these incense for years and always preferred their supperior burn and scent. I grew sick and tired of the cheap incense that produced a harsh smoke that irritated the back of my throat …but I just could not give up burning incense. Then I found Ancient Elements and fell in love with their scents and quality. Once lit, it seems virtually smokeless and leaves a beautiful scent without the harsh irritating smoke. The Amber incense is my personal favorite and is the scent I burn most frequent while creating in my studio.  


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