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WAKE And BAKE Mushroom Lovers Gift Set

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Wake & Bake Mushroom Lovers Gift Set

Everything included in my Mushroom Loves Gift set…PLUS a Bowl & FREE Priority Shipping

Introducing the Wake & Bake Mushroom lovers gift set of 7 items carefully designed, handmade, and curated by me, Kait, a fellow mushroom enthusiast. You’re not going to BOLETE how much value is in this set! I know you’ll love it so MUSH! (Okay I’m done with the mushroom puns…) I designed this gift box for the mushroom enthusiast, cottagecore kids, and foragers alike. This set includes my handmade Amanita & Fern mug, Amanita Sculpted Bowl, a mushroom tea spoon, a set of three mushroom magnets, Organic Chaga Chai tea, a tea strainer, and a Kait Rose Studio designed card. This set is valued at $173.

About The Set:

Amanita & Fern Mug– This adorable mug is handbuilt, and adorned with Amanita Muscaria (Fly Argaric) mushrooms and ferns. I handbuilt this mug using a speckle stoneware clay. Typically, I throw mugs on the wheel but I wanted a more organic feel to the mug to match with the rest of the set. I create the design on the mug using a technique called sgraffito where layers of paint are applied to the clay and tools are used to scratch away, revealing the clay body underneath. Amanita mushrooms and fern surrounds the entire body of the vessel. This stoneware mug holds approximately 8-9  fluid ounces and is durable for the microwave, oven,  and dishwasher although I always recommend handwashing. (Value: $50)

Aminita Bowl- When you wake with your tea, get baked with this adorable mushroom bowl! I hand sculpt and paint each one, making your bowl as unique as the mushrooms that grow in the forest. While painting the little dots, I hid a little heart in different spots on every bowl. (Value: $65)

Mushroom Tea Spoon- Made by yours truly, this spoon was designed to pair with your mug and tea to swirl in your honey, agave, or sweetener of your choosing. (Value: $20)

Shroom Magnet Set– I couldn’t resist designing and creating these mushroom magnets. As a forager, I had to show some love to the Morel and Chanterelle mushrooms. The set includes an Aminita Muscaria, Morel, and Chanterelle mushroom magnets. (Value $25)

Chaga Chai Tea- is organically grown and harvested by a team of women in Maine. Herbal Revolution provides high quality herbal wellness products that are effective, delicious and versatile. Mushrooms and fungi can be nourishing and mineral-rich superfoods — chaga in particular is a well-researched mushroom that grows on birch trees here in the North East. They’ve taken this historically-used mushroom and combined it with warming and aromatic traditional chai spices to create a beautiful Chaga Chai Tea. I chose Herbal Revolutions for this kit, for the obvious reason being that Chaga has amazing health benefits and Herbal Revolutions’ values of quality products, social justice and environmental ethics align with my own. (Value: $16)

Tea Strainer- Enjoy this reusable stainless steel tea strainer. Just pinch the handle together to open the strainer. (Value: $5)

Loved So MUSH Card- I designed and made this adorable card for your gift recipient to know they are Loved So Mush! Add your recipients name and a message OR leave it blank to hand write your note! (Value: $4)

Gift Ready Eco Friendly Packaging: (Value $5)

*Includes FREE Priority Shipping
*Includes an info card for your recipient
*All orders ship Priority Mail for Valentine’s/Palentine’s Day!!


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